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All the mandatory courses for Licensed Midwives, including our Ultimate Domestic Violence (9 CEUs) One Hour Laws and Rules – 1 CEU Medical Errors for the Wise Clinician– 3 CEUs HIV/AIDs for the Compassionate Clinician – 3 CEUs Domestic Violence – Inside the Minds of Men Who Batter and the Women Who Love Them – 2 CEUs

This package includes:

Medical Errors for the Wise Clinician

CEUs 2

This course will look at errors made in the medical field, with special sections for Nutritionists, Dietitians, Midwives and Physical Therapists, including videos, personal stories, fact sheets, and lists of do’s and don’ts.

The statistics are absolutely staggering. The number of people killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars pales in comparison to the number of people killed by preventable medical errors in this country every year. Don’t let a single one of your patients become a statistic. Boards governing healthcare providers throughout the nation deserve credit in bringing this shocking information out of the shadows by requiring healthcare providers to be educated, aware and prepared.

The information in this course will put you in a position to save lives.

One Hour Laws and Rules Review for Midwives

CEUs 1

In this course, we will translate Florida Law into plain English, making it EASY for you to understand the legal requirements of your profession.

We tackle the Midwifery Practice Act section by section, review the relevant portions of the Administrative Rule 64B24, and touch on Chapter 456, which contains the violations and penalties you MUST be aware of to protect your license and your patients.

Throughout this review, we try to speak in layperson’s terms (instead of legalese) and attempt to answer common questions you may have about the laws and rules.

Required Renewal Course

Domestic Violence: Inside the Minds of Men who Batter and the Women who Love Them

CEUs 2

This mandatory licensure course presents critical information for mental health professionals about domestic violence in an unusual and exciting learning format. The award-winning instructors (Matt McMillan, a former police officer, prosecutor and judge and Susan McMillan, a licensed mental health counselor and jury trial consultant), will engage the viewing audience by sharing their personal and professional experiences in a dynamic fashion, mixing didactic instruction, story-telling and interactive learning, in such a manner that the audience will come away with a new-found understanding regarding the myths and realities of domestic violence and how it affects us all.  You have never seen a presentation like this one before.

The content does not shy away from controversial questions such as:

  • What type of woman falls for a batterer?
  • What is she doing that is doing that is making him batter and what can she do to make him stop?
  • Why doesn’t she just leave?
  • Why doesn’t he just stop?
  • Aren’t women just as violence as men these days?
  • If the kids don’t see it, are they really domestic violence victims?
  • Won’t he change if he just quits drinking?
  • Red Flags for the Healthcare Provider
  • Are there really more dog shelters than battered women shelters?
  • What should I say to a battered woman?

See why students return again and again to hear Matt and Susan teach this fascinating course.

Florida: Required for initial licensure and every third renewal.

Outside Florida: Many other states require this course. Check with your Board.


“Domestic Violence was excellent. I’ve attended many trainings on this subject, from State Prosecutors to Dr. Lenore Walker, and I still learned things in this training.”  ~Sam Kedeem, LMHC, Dade Co, FL

“I am fortunate to have taken this course from providers who are so knowledgeable! The valuable information was truly my favorite part, however, I thought the YouTube videos were an interesting component. It was helpful to have a personal story included and, overall, the presenters’ past professional experiences.”  ~Page Thanasiu, LMHC, Volusia Co, FL 

“I love the combination of a legal back ground and a mental health background. The entire section on Community Resources was especially helpful. Great course material! Clear and easy to understand.”  ~Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL


HIV/AIDs for the Compassionate Clinician

CEUs 3

This is a comprehensive, self-paced course, appropriate for the compassionate clinician who wishes to have a thorough understanding of HIV/AIDS and its ramifications, including the emotional toll it takes on its victims and their loved ones. The personal touch provided by the authors, including videos, audios, graphics and photos, helps students confront and examine their own biases, including the cultural taboos about sex, gender identity and relationships, which can hinder their ability to offer the best care.

Other areas covered: History of HIV, Treatment, Immunology, Virology, Opportunistic Infections, Disease Spectrum, Healthcare Personnel, Life Cycle, Legal and Ethical Issues, Modes of Transmission, Infection Control Procedures, Clinical Management, Behavior and Attitudes Relevant to the prevention of HIV and AIDs. Also included is a discussion of Current Florida Law re: Testing, Confidentiality, Treatment of Patient, Reporting, HIV testing to pregnant women, and Partner notification.

This course satisfies licensure requirements for the following Florida Boards:

  • FL Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling
    Chapter 397 Substance Abuse Providers
  • Florida Certification Board
  • FL Dietetics and Nutrition Practice Council;
  • FL Council of Licensed Midwifery;
  • The Florida Certification Board;
  • FL Board of Athletic Training;
  • FL Board of Massage Therapists;
  • FL Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel;
  • FL Board of Nursing Home Administration;
  • FL Board of Occupational Therapists;
  • FL Board of Physical Therapy Practice;
  • FL Board of Podiatric Medicine;
  • FL Board of Respiratory Care;
  • FL Board of Medical Physicists;
  • FL Electrolysis Council


“Educational and Informative, yet still compassionate.”  ~Teresa Kovach, RMHCI, Seminole, FL

“I was impressed with every part of the course.”  ~Agaither Durr, RCSWI

“As always your course exceeded my expectations. I am again reminded of the importance of staying current. Much of my information on HIV was acquired years ago. Thank you for presenting the material in such a concise, engaging and informative manner.”  ~Elizabeth Rose, LMHC

“I felt it was a well-done course, perfect text, chats, pictures and videos in everyday language making it interesting and understandable.”  ~Jakki Ruzich, OT, Polk Co, FL 


Course Description

All the mandatory courses for Licensed Midwives, including our Ultimate Domestic Violence (9 CEUs) One Hour Laws and Rules – 1 CEU Medical Errors for the Wise Clinician– 3 CEUs HIV/AIDs for the Compassionate Clinician – 3 CEUs Domestic Violence – Inside the Minds of Men Who Batter and the Women Who Love Them – 2 CEUs

Course Objectives

Student Reviews

“Excellent course which gives a clear picture of the struggles and sufferings of HIV/AIDS. Very humanizing for therapists working with this population.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Very clear and easy to understand information. I recommend this course!!”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“This course on HIV/AIDS was simply outlined, with extremely relevant information. It provides me as a RMHCI, a better understanding of what the clients are experiencing. They provided personal stories via video and in the text which was helpful.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“I chose McMillan and Wife as a recommendation from my supervisor and I am glad I did...effective, affordable, and communicated with me quickly and also helpful. Thank you for making this experience good. I know I will come back.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“When I need CEU's, this is the first place I search. Highly recommend!!”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“This CEU was extremely impactful and educational. This team of professionals presented the material in a captivating way, and allowed me to learn something new about Florida HIV laws that I did not know before. I will definitely be taking more CEU's again in the future!”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Highly recommend, the material is easy to read through and understand as well as helpful reminders for Registered Mental Health Counselor interns going into the field as a licensed therapist.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“This course was easy to understand and was packed with educational material. I highly recommend you take the course, even if this is not your intended population to work with.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Great overview on HIV/AIDs. Was very informative on the background of how the virus/disease started and current statistics.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Great course for seasoned professionals!”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“All of it was excellent and exposed many concepts that were new for me. The information provided was done effectively and understandably . Do not change it.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Interesting and helpful.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Course was cost-effective, self paced and efficient.”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

“Excellent, quick response, a lot of support”

~ wUmrLVWz wUmrLVWz, 1, AK County, AK

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