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Order a Four Course Special today and save a bundle off of four required renewal courses: Ethics and Boundaries (3 CEUs), Medical Errors for the Wise Clinician (2 CEUs), Laws and Rules of the Board (3 CEUs), and Domestic Violence: Understanding Men who Batter and the Women who Love Them (2 CEUs).

This package includes:

Medical Errors for the Wise Therapist

CEUs 2

This course will look at the staggering numbers of errors made in the medical field, and then concentrate on errors made by therapists in the mental health field, including errors in documentation, dual relationships, handling suspected abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, assessing mental illness, maintaining confidentiality, and assessing and treating suicide. Students will come away with their eyes open and a toolbox of solutions and preventative measures. Learning materials include videos, personal stories, fact sheets, and lists of do’s and don’ts.

The statistics are staggering. The number of people killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars pales in comparison to the number of people killed by preventable medical errors in this country every year. Don’t let even one of your patients become a statistic. Boards governing healthcare providers throughout the nation deserve credit for bringing this shocking information out of the shadows by requiring healthcare providers to be educated, aware, and prepared. The information in this will put you in a position to save lives.


"This course is the best and most comprehensive for medical errors. I have tried other providers, but they fail in comparison to the professional, well-organized, and easy to comprehend course by Matt & Susan McMillan."     ~Kimberly Dubner, LMHC
"This was worth taking and even after 18 years as a LMHC I learned."    ~Mary Griffiths, LMHC
“I could read 20 MORE pages on Medical Errors. Excellent material. ”  ~ Sam Kedem, FL
"I dreaded this course because of past experiences with other Medical Errors courses, but this one was awesome!  It kept my attention and I strongly recommend it.  It goes above and beyond in a good way."  ~Wayne Davidson, LMHC, FL

Not Too Boring 3 Hour Laws and Rules of the Board Review

CEUs 3

This course is required every third renewal period and contains all relevant statutory and rule updates in Chapters 456 and 491, F.S., and Rule Title 64B4, F.A.C. Additionally, in this course, written by Matt McMillan (a former police officer, prosecutor, and county judge) and Susan McMillan, LMHC, CAP (Co-founder of Florida’s first 8 hour Laws and Rules Course), you will review the ins and outs of confidentiality, privileged communication, abuse reporting, and more — in other words, when to keep quiet, and when to speak up. This course can save lives and may save you from a lawsuit.

This lawsuit-avoidance course is required every third renewal period and contains all relevant statutory and rule updates. (3 CEU hours)


“Best law and rules training I have taken.”  ~Margaret Haynes, Leon, FL

"The course was very informative and well written. When I had questions about the materials the authors were immediately responsive and encouraging. I am a seasoned therapist and have found the mandatory courses to be repetitive, but this course was relevant and updated with information that was applicable to my practice."     ~Mary Griffiths, LMHC, Seminole, FL

“I believe the course was extremely informative with a tremendous amount of information. My favorite part was the way things were broken down so simplistic it was easy to learn and understand.” ~Nathalie Viau, RCSWI, FL

" I really enjoyed this. I think the board should make us take it each renewal as there have been so many changes recently especially with COVID."  ~Amanda Frye, LCSW, Polk Co, FL

Ethics and Boundaries for Therapists

CEUs 3

Learn the myriad ways our colleagues have discovered that put their practices, their licenses, and their wealth at risk.

Ethics and Boundaries: How to Stay Out of Trouble will give clinicians the tools and information they need to recognize the ethical and legal boundaries of their profession and to steer clear of situations that invite complaints to the Board and malpractice suits by the lawyers.

Taught by award-winning instructors Matt and Susan McMillan. Matt is a former police officer, prosecutor, and judge, and Susan is a licensed mental health counselor with more than 25 years of experience and founder of the very first state-certified Batterers Intervention Program. This interactive and fun workshop will use case studies, humor, and group exercises to help you protect what you have worked hard to achieve.


“Probably the best online Ethics and Boundaries Course I have ever taken.”  ~Grace SL, LCSW, FL 

“Taken many courses with this provider previously – quality and professionalism are outstanding!” “The profession needs to keep up with YOU – there are many therapists that are truly uninformed and these courses need to be mandatory.”  ~Nancy Tetum, LCSW, Hillsborough Co, FL 

“Great content! Nothing authors could do to make it more effective.”  ~Susan Pierce, LCSW, Hillsborough Co, FL 

“I am a returning professional and I enjoy the Presenters and their commitment to excellence.”  ~Linda Cook, LMHC, Alachua Co, FL 

"Excellent course on a subject that most of us are very familiar with and presented in an interesting way."  ~Michele Rosenquist, LCSW, Sarasota, FL

Domestic Violence: Inside the Minds of Men who Batter and the Women who Love Them

CEUs 2

This mandatory licensure course presents critical information for mental health professionals about domestic violence in an unusual and exciting learning format. The award-winning instructors (Matt McMillan, a former police officer, prosecutor and judge and Susan McMillan, a licensed mental health counselor and jury trial consultant), will engage the viewing audience by sharing their personal and professional experiences in a dynamic fashion, mixing didactic instruction, story-telling and interactive learning, in such a manner that the audience will come away with a new-found understanding regarding the myths and realities of domestic violence and how it affects us all.  You have never seen a presentation like this one before.

The content does not shy away from controversial questions such as:

  • What type of woman falls for a batterer?
  • What is she doing that is doing that is making him batter and what can she do to make him stop?
  • Why doesn’t she just leave?
  • Why doesn’t he just stop?
  • Aren’t women just as violence as men these days?
  • If the kids don’t see it, are they really domestic violence victims?
  • Won’t he change if he just quits drinking?
  • Red Flags for the Healthcare Provider
  • Are there really more dog shelters than battered women shelters?
  • What should I say to a battered woman?

See why students return again and again to hear Matt and Susan teach this fascinating course.

Florida: Required for initial licensure and every third renewal.

Outside Florida: Many other states require this course. Check with your Board.


“Domestic Violence was excellent. I’ve attended many trainings on this subject, from State Prosecutors to Dr. Lenore Walker, and I still learned things in this training.”  ~Sam Kedeem, LMHC, Dade Co, FL

“I am fortunate to have taken this course from providers who are so knowledgeable! The valuable information was truly my favorite part, however, I thought the YouTube videos were an interesting component. It was helpful to have a personal story included and, overall, the presenters’ past professional experiences.”  ~Page Thanasiu, LMHC, Volusia Co, FL 

“I love the combination of a legal back ground and a mental health background. The entire section on Community Resources was especially helpful. Great course material! Clear and easy to understand.”  ~Eileen O’Connell, LCSW, Pinellas Co, FL


Course Description

Order a Four Course Special today and save a bundle off of four required renewal courses: Ethics and Boundaries (3 CEUs), Medical Errors for the Wise Clinician (2 CEUs), Laws and Rules of the Board (3 CEUs), and Domestic Violence: Understanding Men who Batter and the Women who Love Them (2 CEUs).

Course Objectives

Student Reviews

“Great course! Loved the supplemental resources and use of helpful visuals.”

~ Kyra Morrison, LCSWI, Walton County, FL

“Well-informed professionals are passionate about helping the community with their CE courses.”

~ Melissa Rentas, RMHCI, Miami Dade County, FL

“This was an exceptionally informative and enjoyable workshop on Domestic Violence”

~ John Mann, LCSW, Sarasota County,

“Great presentation. Well organized, pertinent material with the added bonus of the YouTube videos.”

~ M Leslie Blount, LCSW, Pasco County, FL

“An absolutely outstanding module... The Domestic Violence course should be required. Powerful and empowering and important.”

~ Joseph Bolduc, Miami Dade County, MA

“This course was SPOT ON!! I knew a lot about domestic violence and physical/mental abuse (especially being in an abusive marriage and also having abusive family members) but I could not believe how many times it was 100% accurate and so informative about EVERY aspect of it. This is such a great course!!!”

~ K. N., Registered Intern, Pasco County, FL

“Outstanding clarity!!! This is one of the best courses in DV I've ever seen. I was a facilitator for over 10 years.”

~ Renee Bronson, Osceola County,

“The self-taught information was easily readable, gave great images and tables that I can keep with me, and was in an easy-to-follow order.”

~ Justine Gurley, RMHCI, Brevard County, FL

“This course was simple to understand and if done at a good pace, fast. I enjoyed that the instructors were able to share how important this topic is to them, and it was evident while reading the material their passion for it. Really enjoyed it and will plan on taking further domestic violence courses with them!”

~ Lyanne Soto-Ramos, Osceola County, FL

“Good job. The best course I have taken on this topic.”

~ Stuart Stuthers, LMHC, Desoto County, FL

“This course was phenomenal, thought-provoking, and enlightening.”

~ Tanya Thompson, LCSW, Duval County, FL

“Well informed, easy to understand, and cost effective. I definitely deepened my understanding of DV through this course.”

~ Jamie Greene, RMHCI, escambia County, FL

“Great course! I worked in Domestic Violence initially in my career for about 2 1/2 years and learned a lot about it; however, in taking this course, I was able to learn even more about it. The information in this course is so valuable and important that all healthcare providers should have to take it.”

~ Maura Pratt, LMHC, Bay County County, FL

“These two presenters were a hit! The team were the most professional, efficient, interesting and helpful presenters I've come across in a long time --- and I took over twice as many CEU's as I needed, so I've had my share of boring presenters! They captured my interest from the first minute and kept it till the last! Excellent course. Thank you!”

~ Dr. Virginia Crist, Ph.D., LMFT, CST, LMFT, Palm Beach County, FL

“I chose this provider because of their expertise in this important subject. I can't think of anything that could have made this course more effective. My favorite part was the part about the effects on the children. Not usually covered in courses on domestic violence.”


“Fantastic for seasoned professionals.”

~ Douglas Fowler, LMHC, LMHC and Clinical Supervisor, FL County, FL

“Excellent work! Very happy with the product.”

~ Morgan Born-Aives, LMHC, Palm Beach County County, FL

“Thank You for a very informative program, especially giving me a better understanding of the "Batterers."”

~ Sidney Cary, LMHC, Oklaloosa County, FL

“Very well presented and organized with good use of media to supplement material.”

~ Mabel Rodriguez, Miami-Dade County, FL

“Affordable CEUs By McMillan and Wife was amazing for my learning style! The courses were provided in a "go-at-your-own-pace" style! This was perfect for me as a full-time working professional and mother! 10/10 recommend! I will be purchasing courses from © Affordable CEUs By McMillan and Wife in the near future and throughout my career!”

~ Brittany Davis, MA, NCC, MHP, Volusia County, FL

“The course was informative and interesting. The video and audio add in parts were very good....”

~ patricia hall, Orange County, FL

“Course provides real life situations and gives you strategies to deal with clients in battered situations.”

~ Sandra Obas, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Broward County, FL

“Thank you for your excellent customer service and for responding to my needs almost immediately.”

~ Katherine Fernandez, Miami-Dade County, NJ

“Excellent. Best Course I have taken on DV.”

~ Christine Davico, Duval County, TN

“Incredibly effective. McMillan and Wife do an excellent job of providing interesting and informative courses — I would not change anything. ”

~ Aimee Perez, FL

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